Spring Cleanse

photo cred  Minimalist Movement

Happy Everyday Food Athletes!

It is getting to be that time. I smell spring! My jasmine is having its first bloom in over a year, and it is not pitch black when I take my furbaby out for a walk at 6 pm, so now what do we do with these longer days? I have an idea!

In the spirit of the impending new season of Springtime, I have created a series of posts to complement areas of our life that we want to rid of clutter to begin to make room for new vibes. How amazing does that sound?

It is going to go something like this:

  • Mind- Spirituality Cleanse- because it starts with you, making a choice & setting an intention.
  • Home Detox- de-clutter your living space.
  • Body Cleanse/ Food Strategy Detox- what can we afford to live without when it comes to nutrition, what are some substitutes. For example, eliminating stimulants and some smart alternates.
  • Kitchen Pantry Makeover-cleaning out the cabinets, fresh spices, repurposing canned items.
  • Life/ Relationship Cleanse: Letting go of the fear of the unknown. Embrace change.

Some pretty spectacular transformations occur when you rid yourself of toxins. Of course, I am The Food Athlete so much of what I speak about is food, right, but as you will come to see, (ask any of my clients) reorganizing your eating lifestyle comes with being vulnerable which brings up emotions and feelings that are tied to the behaviors. Could it be as simple as cutting out caffeine and throwing out an old ratty sweater that unlocks your soul to new found freedom, I say why not? I get five pounds lighter when I have cleaned out a closet or two. Letting go of old stuff, attached to knick-knacks that don't serve my lifestyle anymore.

I am going to go on this little adventure with you. I have already started, and I am a few bags deep, you still have time to catch up. I challenge you! How bout some old blankets, pillows or towels? A selfless perk you get for parting with some things you do not need is that somewhere out there I promise you, there is someone who does need. Donate your old towels to an animal shelter like the ASPCA, click here to learn more. Take blankets to a homeless shelter, checkout Blankets for the Homeless here. I have plenty of charitable, and re-purposing ideas for you and they will show themselves in the post to follow, so stay tuned.

We accumulate stuff as our life progresses, aka baggage. Some we let go of and some we cannot seem to lose the grip, or maybe we do not want to.  Physical, inanimate objects and mental crap that we may have to work a little harder to set free. Why not make this your year to detach? Remove some of the clutter, inside and out. Make room for the new, for change

Springtime is just around the corner Food Athletes! Time to stop and smell the flowers, eat nourishing food, embrace the season change and set new goals. 

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Love Your Body,

xo Jessi (Your Food Athlete) xo