2-3 oz. Adzuki Bean Spaghetti/ I use Explore Asian (has 20 g protein per 2 oz)

8 asparagus stalks/ break in half (easier to eat than shoving a giant stalk in your mouth, unless you have your date feed you)

tbs of chopped shallots

12 yellow cherry tomato

1/4 C. basil

1 Tbs + 1 Tsp tahini

salt and pepper to taste. I almost always use pink himalayan salt and I always grind black peppercorns fresh

Braggs Liquid Aminos (spray bottle)


olive oil

pistachio nuts

toasted pumpkin seeds to top

Dairy Free Basil Pesto:

In my magic bullet, (you can put it in a food processor too). Blend basil, a handful of pistachios, squeeze 1/2 lemon juice salt pepper to taste (as you like) start with a few tbs. of olive oil and add as needed for desired texture. So, I added a tbs. of tahini to mine, and used less olive oil but it's up to your taste buds if you like the nutty flavor of tahini. 

For the rest of the dish: Grill or bake the asparagus. I rub tahini and spray a few spritz of the liquid aminos on the stalks. The oil from the tahini is all you need so you don't need more olive oil to bake or grill. Why aminos you ask?  They are an amazing, soy sauce sub,  gluten-free, complete protein (vegetarian diet lovers product), that has just the perfect amount of salty flavor. Careful not to  over cook the asparagus or they lose all their nutrients. It's nice if the stalks have a bite (crunch) to them. Also, if you bake the tomato so they get slightly blistered they act almost as their own sauce if you pop them when added to spaghetti. I sometimes just throw them in raw. The yellow ones are usually very sweet and juicy so I hope you get lucky and get a good batch. The farmers market is where you score the best ones!

Boil the spaghetti takes literally 5 minutes if that. It's so silky, I sometimes even eat them plain as a snack they are soo delish.

Then you put together this dish by mixing all the ingredients, it's pretty self-explanatory. And you can see my photo if you need help. As you can see I'm not too scientific with my directions, it isn't baking, thank goodness so I really just throw things together. Everyone is different in respect to taste buds and depending on what you have been noshing on during the day, you can 100% use your veggie of choice if asparagus isn't your cup of tea. This should make a few servings, remember, portion control. It's a thing.

. Bon Apetit!  Let me know how it goes.