Spiritual Detox

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On a quest this new season and new moon I have put into motion a cycle of change. I have not planned out the everyday Spring cleaning chores, I am conducting a major overhaul and tune up. I have intentionally put myself in a position where new beginnings are literally around every corner, so I am calling to all the good juju to come into my life and swaddle me.  

I started this most recent journey with a book, reading, meditating and some journaling.  When I found out the author who is one of my favorite spiritual gurus, Gabby Bernstein was coming to LA I bought a ticket and made the commitment to go. Now she is the OG Spirit Junkie, so I had no doubt that I was going to enter a place of unstoppable energy and wisdom. Sounds easy for most but I am quite comfortable in my little bubble, and venturing onto the freeway to head East, to go to a place I had never been and sit in a room with four hundred-ish strangers gives me incredible anxiety. My clients and some of my friends think it is hilarious because I am the opposite of shy when I am teaching. However, social gatherings are a different beast. I knew immediately I was going to have a moment of some sort because Wanderlust was buzzing with vibrational hopefuls even when I arrived a couple of hours early.  I am always the first to get to a party because I am so worried I will be late and embarrass myself walking into the action, and everyone will stop and stare.  I know, get over yourself, Jessi.  I sat quietly before the show in a small room upstairs just reading her book The Universe Has Your Back, when in steps the lady of the hour herself, Gabby. It was like I was seeing Oprah, I was totally starstruck, I immediately started texting friends telling them of my sighting. What's the problem, you bought a ticket and your going to see her on stage in a little bit?  However, I had a unique opportunity and shyness aside I did something I have never done before. I asked her assistant if Gabby would sign my book and a moment later out pops this tiny, beautiful, blonde haired angel, smiling so big and like she was genuinely happy to see me. She gave me a hug, signed my book, and at that instant, I knew all my manifesting all my faith and my fear of coming out to this unfamiliar territory was worth it.  I believe in signs and this my friends was a neon one with flashing lights and glitter!


Spring cleaning in its general context consists of grabbing a few Hefty bags and a trip to the Salvation Army. Not this time, though, I am taking on a huge endeavor, multiple changes and cleanses all at once, some by choice and some are just life and I have to face it head on, with a smart head on, my shoulders that is.  I am going to need to arm myself with extra ammo along with a solid strategy. Moreover, of course, I got this, I am the master of plans when it comes to food. This is no different, plan, prep, execute.  I do not need a trek through mountains or join a silent retreat, but I know I need some sort of tune up, no, an over hall. I am like most of us susceptible to being overwhelmed.  As Gabby spoke about in her lecture, "success is an inside job" boy is it ever. Making a choice is one thing, and the commitment is another but staying dedicated and focused is what's going to get you to your destination, your goals. 

Here's my Cliffs Notes version to begin your mental cleanse:

  • Positive Affirmations- say them loud and proud. Write some on the mirrors, and on post-its, tell yourself "I love you."
  • Mantra ( your own or maybe one from your fave spiritual leader).
  • Surround yourself with positivity-hang with like minded humans.
  • Turn off the news ,just do it.
  • Don't engage in gossip- say only kind things, at the end of the day all you have control over is you and your actions and reactions. 
  • Be true to whom you are, be unapologetically you.

Whatever your project may be this new blossoming season, cleaning out clutter, letting go of memories, making room and allowing new energy to flow freely like Feng Shui, enter this phase open and willing to accept all the feelings that may come with it. I always avoid the photo boxes because it can become deeply emotional but this year I am going all in, no fear, I am taking on a new perspective and sometimes that is all it takes, a shift in our mindset.

photo cred  minimalmistmovement

Here are some ways to practice staying grounded spiritually. 

# 1: Wake up every morning and meditate. Set a timer, start with a small goal, maybe just two minutes. After you meditate, take one minute to write a gratitude list. Do this for one week and then raise the bar another level and add a couple more minutes. 

# 2: Set intentions and goals for each day and maybe each week. Make them achievable, small and attainable. Like today I am going to clean out one drawer and donate one sweater to a charity of my choice. 

#3: Be mindful of nourishment.  Cleansing, cleaning, changing can and will bring out stress. It is also easy to lose track of time and before you know it hours have passed flipping trough photo albums and memorabilia and oops, forgot to eat lunch. Keep up your strength because cleaning out the house needs lots of energy, take breaks, eat snacks and don't forget to breathe. Maybe take a meditation break.  

#4: Stay in action stay present but keep it moving. If your indoors kicking up dust because you are digging around in closets hit the pause button, get outside get some fresh air. Take a walk, take the dog for a run, walk to get a fresh juice. 

#5: Mindful breathing: some simple breathing techniques can calm the mind better than any drug.  Sit in a quiet place, and put both feet on the floor. Close your eyes and take an inhale through your nose for four seconds, hold it for four, then exhale through your mouth for four counts. Feel your bare feet grounded and be present of what feelings come up in your body, acknowledge them and sit for as long as you like. Moreover, remember to smile. 

#6: Embrace the magic of crystal healing: I love crystals. I have a little area in my home where I keep the bulk of my collection and some others placed throughout my house. I sometimes just hold one in my hand place over my heart to absorb the vibrations. Sound to hippie for you? Well how bout a little sage, or palo santo? Asking for guidance from the Earth is one way to truly ground your thoughts and emotions.

I will tell you that detoxing and cleansing are popular for a reason, ridding your body mind and dwelling of toxins and objects that don't serve you is fantastically liberating. You live in your body no matter where you are, so taking a vacation will work its recharge powers for just a short time. We also create our home to give us comfort and a feeling of safety and love so when it becomes overly stocked with useless paraphernalia that can take a toll on our mental status. Start with baby steps and perhaps a thorough sage clearing. You got this Food Athletes!  Happy Spring and healthy wishes for a successful detox.

Be Healthy, Be Happy, Love Your Body,

xo Jessi (Your Food Athlete) xo