feeding positivity


Hello Food Athletes!

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful warm month of LOVE! I have had a remarkable journey sharing these powerful themes of love, wellness, and awareness with all of you and especially with my "love collab" partner. It gives us great joy to gift you our final post of Love Month.

Feeding Positivity

 After last week you know how to feed your heart so you can, in turn, feed your love and happiness. Similar to the heart, feeding positivity doesn’t necessarily mean just the organ itself (last week the heart, this week the brain) but it also means nutrition and holistic practices that will make you feel great. Let’s take a deeper look right here:

How can food help with positivity and happiness?

Food isn’t just fuel for our body to exist: there are healing properties in every whole food. Food is information for your body. It’s a cause and effect relationship: what you put into your body will affect your mood, digestion and energy levels (not to mention your overall health.) Whole foods with absorbable nutrients will allow for your body to feel great, your brain to be in good health and your mood to soar. If you listen to your body you will continue to seek those foods that make you feel good. And then there are the ones that don’t...

Inflammation is to blame for a slew of preventable diseases and health conditions, including those of the brain. Inflammation in general has been tied to depression and neurological disease as a catalyst and symptom enhancer. Cutting inflammatory foods like sugar, industrial seed oils, processed grains (anything processed in general), dairy, synthetic foods, chemical additives, and preservatives will help cut down on inflammation.

In short, eat lots of veggies and greens; eat organic and local; eat superfoods, and add in some of these extra food stars that will help with brain function (just to name a few…)

  • Turmeric

While it’s typically known for muscle recovery because of its anti inflammatory properties, the curcumin aids with symptoms of depression and heightens brain function

  • Rhodiola

This adaptogen helps lessen cortisol levels while also increasing the sensitivity of dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters.

  • Lion’s mane

No, it’s not hair snipped from an actual lion’s mane but rather a mushroom that looks like Mufasa hair. It’s known to prevent diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's by targeting neurotransmitters.

  • Green Tea

Great for a healthy caffeine boost but also keeping the part of your brain that serves memory in tact while also stimulating those same beloved dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters.

  • Omega-3s

Since our brain is made up of mostly, well, fat, omega-3s are a kind of “good” fight that help reduce systemic inflammation. Many studies have reported it to be a mood booster and depression fighter.

What can I do besides eating my way to a more positive state of mind?

All of those ideas are well and good when you’re living in a naturally happy time. Ya know, when things are aligned for you and you feel like you’re in a good flow. But the healthy eating practices tend to go out the window as soon as there are clouds in the proverbial, mental forecast. Especially when you’re a wellness practitioner: how does someone with the good intention to share health in a joyful way cope with a difficult situation and at the same time inspire wellness within yourself and others? Here are some favorite holistic practices that can be used at any time to keep positivity at a high:

  • Meditate daily
  • Deep breathe

  • Have gratitude

  • Eat breakfast (even if you’re not hungry aka regulate your system)

  • Keep it moving + active (activity and blood flow helps balance emotions)

  • Stay hydrated (dehydration can make you emotionally chaotic)

  • Remain in contact with friends

  • Do something for someone else

  • Go to work (an example of adding purpose to the day)

  • Laugh, in any place you can find it  (even if it is just a rerun of I Love Lucy)

  • Take baths

This doesn’t have to be your exact list, but create your own and then think of these as your non negotiables (along with eating well, of course). If one of these rituals or practices slips up because life gets in the way, at least you have the others to rely on. You won’t skip on them if they become a part of your everyday life.


Do this in the vein of taking care of yourself so you can spread the love and feed positivity. Energy, after all, is contagious.



Positive energy and love were the goals this month and every month for that matter. We spoke our truths and shared our heartfelt thoughts and wisdom as it relates to wellness, food, health, and love.  We wanted to connect, not just with each other but as a team to generate more love power. We hope you felt it.


Much love,

 Jessi + Kara