Overnight Coconut Oats with Grilled Mango


Breakfast in summer. What better then some beachy tropical flavors to kick start your morning. 

The Food Athlete is all about food strategies, no deprivation, no diet mentality.  I also stand by meal time being just that “meal time.” Cereal for dessert, turkey burger for breakfast, why not? If it’s balanced and nutritious and compliments the rest of your nosh schedule, then I say, Bon Appetit’.

Same goes for grilling. It’s a summer tradition. While you're firing up the BBQ with meats and veggies, try throwing on some fruit like pineapple, peaches and in this case mango onto the grill for some sweet and tangy eats to water your mouth. Seriously can you even wait to make these overnight oats? 

Assembly of overnight oats:

Mix everything except the toasted coconut flakes, cashew nuts & grilled mango in a medium mason jar. Pop in the fridge and stir every few hours so all the ingredients blend together. At this point you could add a little more coconut milk if it is too thick. 

The Recipe:

1 Cup Organic Rolled Oats

1 Tablespoon Raw Shredded Coconut (unsweetened)

2 Tablespoons White Chia Seed

1/2 Cup Coconut Milk-add later for a lighter consistency

1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla

1 Teaspoon Cinnamon

1/4 Teaspoon Nutmeg

Organic Honey (coconut sugar, maple syrup, or sweeter of your choice)

Toasted Coconut Flakes ( Tip: make your own by laying the coconut on a baking sheet and sprinkle with cinnamon, cayenne, coconut sugar. Bake at 375 until golden brown. Makes a great snack too)

1 Teaspoon Melted Coconut Spread-drizzled over toppings

Grilled Mango- chopped for topping

Roasted Chopped Cashews-for topping



Sugar Note: I am of the rule that you can always add, but it’s more challenging to take away. I prefer not to mix in sweeter to the oats. You may also choose to heat the oats rather than eat cold so after you have spooned some of the delicious tropical goodness into a bowl add your sugar of choice or maybe just leave the sweet to the mango and toasted coconut flakes.


Potato Latke



3 Red Potato

1 Small Yellow Onion

3/4 Beaten Egg

1/4 Olive Oil

Cooking Spray (Canola)

Fresh Ground Black Pepper

Pinch of Salt

This recipe is beyond easy, and it's super healthy because I've eliminated the frying.  I used a 12 muffin baking tin. These little guys are so crispy and delicious you'll never go back to frying again. Truth! 

 Preheat oven to 375. Grate the potato and onion together. Mix in the egg, olive oil and salt and pepper. I like to bundle the potato and onion in a paper towel and ring out the excess liquid. Spray the oil to coat the tins. Put about a tablespoon into each; they should only fill up 1/4 of the way. Use the back of your spoon to neaten up the sides and pat the cakes down, so they lay flat. Bake for bout 30-45 minutes. Remember that everyone's ovens bake different, check on them and maybe do a couple of rotations, so they brown evenly. They get super crispy; it's amazing!  I go pretty traditional usually with applesauce, and I like Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, it's healthier and tastes pretty much the same. Since Chanukah is eight days long, you have plenty of ways you can enjoy the latkes. These in the picture are fun for breakfast. Happy Holidays!




This recipe will fill one dozen mini muffin tin:

4 Whole Eggs

1 Egg White

1/2 Almond Milk

2 Slice Bacon (cook before adding to egg mixture) and chop into pieces.

1/4 Diced Zucchini

3 Tbs. Chopped Scallion

Fresh Basil Leaves

Salt & Pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 325. If your muffin tin is non-stick your good, I sprayed mine with a little bit of coconut oil, just a touch. Whip up eggs and milk in a measuring cup, (it's easier to pour into the muffin tin from a spout.) Add seasonings and pour almost to the top of each mini cup. Remember that once you start adding the other ingredients you want to avoid overflow. Divide up the chopped goodies and place in the egg mixture already in the cups. I just tore up the basil leaves and put a couple of pieces in each. 

Bake for bout 15 minutes, then turn to bake evenly. I cooked mine for another 15ish, til they fluffed up and browned slightly on top. Everyone's oven heats and cooks differently so just check on them; you really can't do this wrong. 

Let cool before removing. Eat and enjoy!! It's perfect snack. You could for sure double the recipe and bake in larger muffin cups, add a side salad, and you have a complete meal. As always you can reach out to me, and I love to hear comments. #thefoodathlete



1/4 C Brown Rice

1/2 Almond Milk plus 1/2 C reserved to add after cooked. 

1/2 Coconut Milk

2 Tbs Coconut Sugar (you can make this as sweet as you like. Also substitute sweetener like Agave, Honey, Dates, etc.)

1/4 Tsp Vanilla Extract

1 Tbs Cinnamon

1/4-1/2 Nutmeg

1/2 C Golden Raisins

Toasted Hazelnuts

Cook Rice either in a cooker or over the stove with all the other ingredients, except the raisins and nuts. You want all the liquid to be absorbed and the rice fully cooked to tender. Half way through add 1/2 the raisins; this will plump them up and add a yummy sweetness to the rice. After cooking, pour a small amount of the reserved almond milk divided into bowls or cute little mason jars as I have done here. Top with more raisins and chopped hazelnuts and maybe a sprinkle of cinnamon. Yum! The perfect comfort food. Enjoy!