Matcha Rose Custard


Good Morning Food Athletes!  Spring is in full bloom, and I am feeling fancy-free and floral this fine day! 
I have been obsessing over these little cheesecake, parfait, pudding things I found at one of my local boutique markets. I took an unusually deep liking to a rose-flavored one and decided to recreate it myself. I make a considerable effort to cook my food. Habits and behaviors I would teach my clients are only believable if I am walking the talk. Being cost effective is part of it too and another tough pill to swallow when I'm dealing with busy people whose focus is time management. 
The bowl of Matcha-Rose you see here could potentially feed two people comfortably, while the one I buy for almost ten dollars plus tax at the market is just for one. Time management, prep, portion control, all tricky areas but there are solutions. 
I often take recipe inspiration from packaged products knowing that my version will have precisely all the ingredients I desire and also can pronounce. That may be another topic. 

Matcha=HEALTH: Antioxidant
Rose Water=BEAUTY: Anti-inflammatory
Avocodo=NUTRITION: Healthy Fats. 
Raw Cashew Nut=MACRONUTRIENT: protein
Coconut Sugar=SMART CHOICES: Low glycemic, lowers blood sugar.

My recipe approach is a bit like a mad scientist, a dash of this, a splash of that, taste as I go, say a little prayer. This custard is a no-bake treat so good news if you are not a precision chef. However, feel free to make tweaks and put your spin on it. Sometimes the best meals come from a happy accident in the kitchen. 


Matcha Rose Custard

The Cast

Matcha Green Tea Powder

1/4 Cup Rose Water- This can be powerful, and if you are not used to it you may want to be conservative.

2 Tablespoon Avocado

1/2-3/4 Cup Coconut Milk

1/4 Melted Coconut Oil

A handful of Raw Cashews

3 Tablespoons Blonde Coconut Sugar

2 Tablespoons Maple Syrup

Putting it all together

In a small bowl of warm water dissolve a few teaspoons of Matcha Green Tea Powder.

In a food processor combine ALL ingredients and mix until you have a smooth and slightly thick consistency. It should still pour out easily into your bowls.

Add to bowls of choice (use ones you want to serve in once chilled), and pop in the fridge for at least two hours. 

Sprinkle with Matcha Powder and garnish with the pedal of a rose. 

Happy Spring!

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Love Your Body, 

xo Jessi (Your Food Athlete Coach) xo