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Good Monday morning Food Athletes!

Can you feel it? I do, Fall is coming, in each new breathI take, I am certain this new season is going to bring me energy, new thoughts, and an abundance of creativity. Get excited, that means more info for you friends. Sometimes when I write you'll know from that very first word what the topic is going to be, a specific recipe, a popular subject like carbs, and how to love them again, or like today when I'm sharing about my own relationship with food and as I do it just so happens to flow into the topic of. So today how you can take some small steps to integrate healthy choices into your life? What could that look like if you choose to take a moment and schedule nutrition in your day?

A misconception about me is that I'm this perfect eater, I have green juice running through my veins, when I'm cut I bleed beets and I would never touch a cupcake or my finger would turn purple and fall off. All these rumors because I'm a nutritionist? So I'm only supposed to consume "healthy food", right?  It's true, though, I'm pretty perfect, LOL! Nowadays that is. I have done my damage in the fast food department and yo-yo diets, eating an entire round of brie cheese for dinner, a box of Captain Crunch for dessert, a bowl of Cool Whip with chocolate chip cookies for a snack.  I had some very strange but committed junk food habits. Once I started to appreciate my body, not only in a physical way but in a this-is-the-only-body-I-get way, the next and only natural step was, say goodbye to the greasy, fried, processed, crap. I mean all that artificial stuff isn't really food now is it? So, the way I see it, my healthy eating behaviors are really just normal.

What my paleo ancestors ate many moons ago is what I eat now, so what the heck is so weird about that? What's weird and very not normal is that a Hostess Ding Dong has a shelf life of like 5 years. I'm a busy girl just like the rest of us, my life is full and on occasion hectic. Planning for life being unexpected doesn't really make sense, so when I've missed marketing day and I'm a bit understocked in my fridge I have to think fast and smart. The funny thing about me is that when I'm zipping around and I begin to live in my hungry scrambled brain and I'm starting to crave something naughty, my version of naughty is prepackaged by Cafe Gratitude.  I almost feel like I'm cheating when I don't make my own meal like I'm the worst nutritionist and wellness cheerleader ever. How dare I talk to clients about eating whole fresh food when I'm going to pop open a container of not-made-by-me salad. Well, it's a-o.k. to not make from scratch every single piece of food I eat. Same goes for you. I'm not here to preach, cook it yourself or you're a failure in the nutrition department. I'm here to teach. We have to work with what we got but also go after what we want and work it. Wait, did you hear that, read that last sentence again, slowly, take it in. Good, now then, when are we going to stop for a moment and realize that we are this fast society rushing to post pictures and like comments, make comments and be relevant? All the while we have forgotten how to eat. Like, time out everyone! It's 3p.m. and you haven't had lunch. Modern technology and new inventions every day make it so easy for us, but we are still missing the mark somehow. I'm sure there is some way to program your phone to make a shopping list and besides a robot physically getting your food I'm positive you can end up with some bags of fresh fixings to make your meals. Priorities, like brushing your teeth, working out, bathing, we make those the non-negotiables and our nourishment somehow falls to the bottom of the list.

Try this list:

1. Eat

2. Brush your teeth

3. Eat

4. workout

5. Eat

6. Bath

I like lists. I'm sorta paranoid I'm going to have it all on the devices and a power surge is gonna happen and then what? If I have it on paper it's right there and I can throw it in a real trash can, not an icon, and recycle, save the planet, stuff like that. Plus, writing it seems to make it more attainable, it also makes it fun when I get to cross the completed task off the list. It's as if the actual action, writing, is making the list more serious, in a fun yet more committed way. Feel me?When you are goal setting it's a good idea not to overwhelm yourself and start with just a few to-dos. Ready?
Next list to try:
1. Keep a food journal (it doesn't have to be a forever thing, it's a start place to form new habits)
2. Clean out your pantry (this is one of my services, so you can get me to do your dirty work, it's o.k. it's one of my strange fetishes, I love cleaning)
3. Set a timer on your phone when it's time to have a snack (snacks are important in between meals so you aren't starving your bod and making silly choices)
4. Get a friend to get healthy with you (a nutrition buddy) if I have a group of clients that are on the same Food Athlete Program I encourage them to chat with each other in between our private sessions, keeps the spirits up, it's inspiring to hear about others progress.
5. Try a healthy meal delivery service. (For one month. Pick one that delivers the ingredients but you prepare on your own, to get you into an action of cooking your meals. Takes the pressure off of the shopping and at the same time you know exactly what you are putting into your body.
Oh, the last tip, shameless plug, hire a nutritionist.

You don't have to over-complicate, keep it simple. Start by making one small change this week. It's perfect, Monday morning the slate is clean, what's one thing you can do this week that's going to make a positive effect on you, your body, your mood? Maybe eat breakfast? For one whole week, don't skip breakfast. 

Easy-Peasy Breakfast: Loaded with nutrients, superfoods, gentle on the stomach, probiotics, healthy fats. If you are not used to eating breakfast start small and light. Oatmeal, raw nuts, Cup of yogurt, fresh fruit.

I love Wasa Crackers, just thought I'd state that. For an easy vehicle topped with Avocado and Egg, Sweet Potato or Pumpkin Puree, Cashew Butter, Dates, Greek Yogurt, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Walnuts, Gogi Berries. Try it, you'll get hooked and then we can discuss more breakfast ideas, I make a protein banana pancake to die for!

On that delicious note friends, I am off to enjoy this crisp almost-Fall break of dawn. I hope to have inspired you to start the marbles rolling in the direction of a happy healthy September and every day after that, it's all about a lifestyle, remember that.  Thank you as always for stopping by The Food Athlete, I'd love to hear your comments, (yes, that means you too mom, xoxo) thoughts and ideas. 

Happy Monday #letfoodbeyourmedicine

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Love your Body,

xo Jessi (your Food Athlete) xo