That's a wrap folks

Happy Labor Day Food Athletes!

Greetings friends, on this fine Monday-long-holiday-week-beginning. September marks the beginning of a new season. But, a well-rounded eating lifestyle doesn't stop for Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer. What I always want to convey to my clients is, that the moment you stop referring to your food intake as a "diet" that is when all the pressure and "I should" mentality will disappear. What won't disappear however is the ebb and flow of life. Having a grasp on your body's need for nourishment is just a small piece of the puzzle than there's more. Like time management.  A while ago I brought up the subject of being "too tired to eat," another tiny puzzle piece.  Here's another tricky piece, being too busy to cook. It's a legit thing and that's why you hire help, no not a cook, although that's one route to go.  A person such as myself who can help you organize your life to become a  successful eater. 

  I'm sure we have all been met with confusion after a tedious day, standing in front of the fridge staring aimlessly, or wandering around the grocery store like your GPS just lost connection. It's desperate times like these when our mind goes bonkers and we lose all sense of rational and start reaching for...... well, let's just say, nothing is off limits.

Let's all agree that one of the most convenient go-to's, when you're hurrying through your day, is a burrito or a wrap, and sushi (healthy choices). I see them everywhere! Markets, cafe's and even juice shops are now equipped with refrigerated shelves to provide an alternative meal to their liquid ones.  Packaging up your breakfast, lunch dinner or snack is such a smart way to get all the macros along with extra antioxidants into your daily feed. Whether you roll, wrap or fold it in half like a taco, it's a perfect way to maximize your nutrients in a neat little carrier. Your biggest challenge will be choosing which vehicle to transport your ingredients into. I had so much fun the other day picking out different flavors and textures to try new recipes.  I narrowed it down to soy paper, coconut paleo wraps, collard greens, nori and spinach tortilla. But there were so much more than even the last time I explored. There's turmeric paper, spelt, tomato tortilla. The options are endless, and in my world, I call this, "quality problems." 



Food Origami! Soy paper, colored naturally with tumeric, paprika and spinach & Nori aka seaweed wrap.

Food Origami! Soy paper, colored naturally with tumeric, paprika and spinach & Nori aka seaweed wrap.

When you have nailed down a solid understanding of how your body works best and on what nourishment, that's when the fun starts to blossom. Begin to explore new food combos, practice using more variety, changing up the colors to replenish your bod with the vitamins and minerals we lose every day through daily activities and life. 


Breakfast!  Coconut paleo wrapper with morning grub accoutrement.

Breakfast!  Coconut paleo wrapper with morning grub accoutrement.


Scrambled Eggs



Chopped Cherry Tomatos

Fresh Basil

Dried Oregeno

Quinoa (cooked)

Cook ingredients in a small pan as if you are going to make an omlette. Don't fold it and just lay the cooked egg mixture on the coconut wrap and roll it up! I love a little hot sauce with my eggs. Can I tell you a little secret? I ate this for dinner the other night. No rules friends! 

Veggie Roll

Check out my Let's Cook Together page for the full recipe.

Greek salad lettuce boats

Quinoa crusted tofu and feta, with pickled tomato red onion, cucumber and olives in grilled lettuce boats. 

Quinoa crusted tofu and feta, with pickled tomato red onion, cucumber and olives in grilled lettuce boats. 

More Fun Wrap ideas

Everyone's taste is different so your combinations can cater to your tongue buds. Aim to get a balanced mixture into each bundle as if you were looking at the fixings on a plate in front of you. Lots of fresh vegetables, a grain of some sort (unless you are using a grain tortilla ex: Spelt Tortilla) protein and some healthy fats.

-Dessert Wraps: W/ Coconut Paleo Wrap:


                         - Bananas Foster: mashed banana /salted caramel made from dates and sea salt/ 

                         - Sliced Asian pear, cottage cheese mixed with greek yogurt, cinnamon, honey

Savory Wraps:

                          - Turmeric Soy Paper Handroll: farro/ mushrooms/ turkey/ mint/ chinese hoisin sauce/ cabbage

                          -Seaweed: Tofu Superfood Roll: quinoa/grilled tofu/kale/kimchi/

                          -Spinach Tortilla Burrito: grilled chicken/romaine lettuce /red pepper salsa, avocado/ brown rice

                          -Collard Greens: Carne Asada beef/ butternut squash/ tahini cumin coconut yogurt spread/

                                                    grilled scallions

                          -Coconut Paleo: Tuna salad/ celery/ sweet pickles/diakon sprouts/yellow tomato

As you can see, if you use your imagination the sky's the limit with the wrap situation. The best part is, you can totally forget your utensils. No plates, no fork, no mess no dishes to clean up. This kinda means no excuses either. Hot dogs, hamburgers, and taco are the obvious simple party staples at a holiday party, but putting out a spread of DIY Wraps will spice it up today, plus it's fun to get interactive with your friends and family.  It's not too late to design some cute bite size snacks to bring to your Labor Day BBQ.

Bonus recipe

Coconut or soy paper wrap, stuffed with apples and almond or peanut butter. After you roll it up drizzle with honey, spread it over the roll so it's sticky and cover it with granola, then slice it up. This is an amazing lil recovery snack too after a workout. Enjoy!

One of my mottos here at The Food Athlete is to "play with your food." Have fun with it!  Happy Monday, have a safe and magical holiday.

I'd love to hear what your fave wrap flavor is, or which ones you would like a recipe for. Sharing is caring, so leave comments below. 

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Love Your Body,

xx Jessi (your Food Athlete) xx