there's no whine in mocktails

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Baby, it is scorching outside! I am here today to assist grapefruit in making its big comeback. Also to begin a new trend "Mocktails all day." However, let's get back to the sassy citrus, grapefruit. Red, pink and white, it is all good. I have been trying to get my eighty-eight-year-old dad to eat some every morning, but so far he will only sip the juice, he has been quite vocal about preferring the red grapefruit also, noted pop. Although eating the fruit and pulp itself has more health benefits than the juice there is still much to be gained from this tangy citrus beverage. What happens when we extract just the juice from fruits and veggies? Loss of some vitamins and minerals, but mostly that fabulous fiber will be missing if you just drink the liquid. Sure it may be easier to grab a bottle of juice and take that route. Being healthy does take some effort and energy, but it is worth it. That extra dose of fiber in the morning can add spring in your step and a little zip in your doo-da.

So, the million dollar question is, how can you rack up more vitamins and nutrients every day, still enjoy what you are eating and not get bored? It is challenging, and brings up the number one, two and three, issues my clients struggle with most, which is  timing, planning and prepping meals. It can be a monster hurdle and it's ok to ask for and need the guidance. 

First, I lay out the facts. People like to see the information with their own eyes. 

Grapefruit Health Benefits:

  • Low glycemic
  • healthy fiber
  • rich in antioxidants
  • helps lower risk of some diseases
  • sparks metabolism
  • burns calories
  • keeps you full longer, therefore aiding in portion control
  • contains oodles of micronutrients like vitamin c and calcium

Second, I share about all the delicious and easy variations there are cooking with grapefruit.

  • sliced
  • in salads
  • salad dressing
  • marinade for grilling
  • blended in smoothies
  • mixed with other citrus to make ceviche
  • juiced

Third, I share simple recipes you can make at home for yourself and the family. 

Read on to get the spill on my yummy mocktail recipe. 

Please note: grapefruit has been reported to interfere with some prescribed medications so as always, be responsible, read your medication labels and if ever in question consult your doctor. 


Pink Grapefruit & Ginger Ale Mocktail

Who needs Rose"? Well, not this girl. If you follow The Food Athlete, you probably know that I am a sober woman. I will add as a nutritionist day drinking can get sketchy, so perhaps if you must do your Rose', try partial day and take some hydration intervals with some water and a non-alcoholic cool-down treat.

Not only did I create this divine mocktail refreshment. I made designer ice cubes to garnish and chill to wet your whistle on a delightful pool or beach day. 

Grapefruit, ginger-ale, thyme ice cubes.   

Grapefruit, ginger-ale, thyme ice cubes.


Assembling the mocktail:

Grapefruit Thyme Ice Cubes

Filtered water

Fresh Pink Grapefruit Juice + few pulp segments

Splash of Ginger Ale for bubbly effects

Fresh spring of Thyme

I would hope I do not need to go into lots of detail on how to make ice cubes. However, just in case. Fill trays 1/4-1/2 with water. Add a squeeze of fresh grapefruit juice, no seeds but add some pulp for added flavor. Add a splash of ginger ale or your fave soda water. Pluck a few thyme leaves off the stem and add to mixture. Boom! Beautiful, citrus ice for a hot summer day. 


Happy Summer Food Athletes! Cheers to you and your health!

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Love Your Body,

xo Jessi (your Food Athlete Coach) xo